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Ingrid Eggimann-Jonsson.Yllebroderier. Finland. 2006.(вышыўка)
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Ingrid Eggimann-Jonsson

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Interest in embroidery on wool with woolen yarn, silk or linen is rising again - not least among young people. Here we present the technique in detail and inspiring. In the beautiful and instructive pictures, descriptions, working drawings and idéblad shows 40 embroidery.

Inspiration and motifs have been taken from ancient cultural treasures in southern Sweden, Jämtland, Härjedalen, Ångermanland Hälsingland and Dalarna. Most talking about flowers, but a variety of other motives are intertwined with floral display, such as trees, animals, angels and humans.

Here are examples of how to embroider on cloths, cushions and tapestries, and how - to achieve power and originality - can embroider on different garments, caps and cuffs. Materials, yarn and stitch types are described as well as how to make tassels and cords, take advantage of residual materials etc.

The book is intended for all who like to embroider, textiles teacher, cultural and historical interest, handicraft shops, fabric and sybehörsaffärer.

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Stockholm: Natur & Kultur
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  1. A0360 - Ingrid Eggimann-Jonsson.Yllebroderier. Finland. 2006.(вышыўка)
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